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Sound Mind's annual CancerFree Christmas concert is all set for 2016, taking place on December 2 at the Redmoor in Cincinnati. Proceeds will again benefit CancerFree Kids, a charity dedicated to pediatric cancer research. This holiday event also celebrates


Sound Mind's 28th anniversary, and features an impressive table auction and live auction. Doors open at 7:30 PM, and valet parking is free. Donations will be accepted at the door and online. For more information, please visit the event's Facebook page here!



As musicians sharing an obsession with technology and creativity, Sound Mind delivered its volatile brand of rocktronica with a melodious deluge of pulsating rhythms and multi-textured soundscapes. Although taking a hi-fi approach to DIY indie rock was regionally rare (if not controversial) at the time, the Cincinnati-based quartet (quintet up until 1998) made the most of the 1990's by crafting an experimental electro-rock sound that was equal parts aggressive and involving.

Comprised of vocalist Al Early, guitarist Greg Snyder, bassist Christopher Foley, keyboardist Eric Eichhorn, and drummer Keith Adams, Sound Mind excelled in catchy, quirky, grit-meets-groove compositions. Any instrument, acoustic or electronic, was fair game as a tool in the construction of their songs. From the superheavy grinders like 1994's "Crave" and 1999's "A Day That Never Was" to the smooth, ethereal R&B flavorings of 1997's "A.D.D." and 1999's "Freeze," their variety of offerings also illustrated the dare and the passion in their musical approach. Lyrically, wordplay and subtle humor often explored the darker complexities of the human condition. The result was a neopsychedelic sonic assault that would keep you singing along to the rattling of your bones.

Their self-titled CD on Acid Itch landed solid rotation on over 400 college stations in the US and Canada, and the single "Scatterbrained" went Top 10 for 2 weeks on WOXY Radio in Cincinnati/Dayton. Known for their high-energy light-and-sound shows, they often shared the stage with similarly explosive acts including Filter, Meat Beat Manifesto, Sister Machine Gun, Dink, and others.


Sound Mind
Clockwise from lower-right: Al Early, Greg Snyder, Chris Foley, Keith Adams. Not pictured: Eric Eichhorn.

When Foley left the band amicably in 2000, the decision was made to respectfully retire Sound Mind. However, the remaining members continued on with various musical endeavors. With the addition of Cincinnati music scene veterans Chuck Davis and Nathan Horney, they created the power-pop-rock outfit 1000 Watt Revival. Adams' solo modern rock project, The Proper Authorities, saw its debut album release in 2006 on Talon First Records.

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